Autism Spectrum Disorder is a spectrum of presentations. No two people present the same therefore any treatments or therapies need to be tailored for the individual. It can be frustrating for families and the individual and if you feel you or someone you love is affected by ASD we would encourage you to get a comprehensive Autism test by a qualified professional.

Autism symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reduced connection & eye contact
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Preoccupation with specific topics
  • Behavioural Disturbances
  • Delays in learning to speak.
  • Repeating words or phrases
  • Not engaging in play with peers
  • Problems with two-way conversations

Autism can be stressful for the sufferer and their surrounding loved ones. It can impact on the long-term mental health of everyone connected and our clients have reported that regular Neurofeedback sessions help everyone in the family ease that load day to day and set up long term improvements as well.

How can Neurofeedback help for individuals on the Autism Spectrum?

  • Increased calm when dealing with everyday stressors.
  • Helps the brain self-regulate emotions so that melt downs are decrease and if they occur then the duration may be reduced.
  • Can help the brain take on and retain new information so that time spent in therapy or treatments is solidified faster.

Of course, all clients’ additional needs are different but the commonalities we have witnessed through our clients’ results include a reduction in the intensity & duration of emotional outbursts, increase in connectedness & eye contact and increase in curiosity and willingness to take part. Having a system at home means the whole family can feel the benefits. 

Neurofeedback is also covered by the N.D.I.S and we can assist with any introduction or ongoing reporting you might need. We would love to chat with you today about how you could incorporate Neurofeedback into your healing journey.

“Having two children on the spectrum can be a blessing and a burden. NeurOptimal N.F has helped take the anxiety away from my kids and helped put them back on a happy course. Gema is helpful and friendly, and we made the most of our rental by using the tips she provided. “ L.H