Frequently Asked Questions

Neurofeedback using NeurOptimal is a safe & effective way to offer your brain an insight into how it is functioning. It works by monitoring the frequencies of your brain & comparing them to a proprietary system which uses a mathematical algorithm representing a balanced brain. When the system detects it is moving out of balance, the music in the headphone is interrupted. Your brain then receives this as feedback & can chose to self-regulate, making small, long lasting improvements. No electricity is entering the brain, they system is merely monitoring the output and the brain can chose to respond to the feedback. Clients report feeling lighter, thinking clearer & not getting caught up in emotions. Just like a P.T at the gym helping you use correct form on your body, NeurOptimal is like a personal trainer for the brain..without you even having to leave the house!

Yes, it is safe to use. NeurOptimal has been used internationally for over 15 years and have completed over 3 Million hours of sessions. Clients often use NeurOptimal to help support their individual journeys using treatments or therapies such as psychology, O.T, Speech pathology etc. They find that it helps them progress faster and retain more information for longer.

It does look complicated, but it is not. We provide a complete setup guide and on the phone support. Our clients often say once they have set it up a couple of times they feel like a pro. Please contact us directly for a full explanation of how the setup works.

The session itself lasts for 33 minutes. It takes about 5 minutes to hook up and set up the program and about 5 minutes to unclip and shut down. Allowing 45 minutes for a complete session would be accurate.

We recommend no more than 2 sessions per day for adults and 1 per day for children. We have noticed also with clients who have suffered a brain injury to ease into the training and allow only one per day & monitor any changes.

Everyone is different so it is an open-ended question. Some people feel a significant effect after their first session, others will really feel changes at 5 session and pretty much everyone begins to get good traction of results around 10 sessions. Renting a system will help you get multiple sessions up in a matter of days.

This is the great thing about NeurOptimal over other Neurofeedback systems, you don’t need to be actively ‘doing’ anything to receive the results. Our client’s love chilling out and sleeping, meditating or reading while using the system and for the kids they can use a device or tablet (which we only tell them if they squirm a lot

Yes, we passionately believe that training as a family will expediate your results so there is no limit on the sessions or the number of people who can use the system. We do ask that everyone signs a waiver / consent form prior to completing their sessions and that the main renter take full responsibility for that process. Our systems cannot, however, be used as a sublet or to earn income.

We offer a one-on-one phone call when you receive the system to get you setup for your first session. After that, we like to have a touch base phone call once per week to track your progress. In addition to this we have a variety of social media channels where you can read up on relevant information. It is important to us for you to feel supported through this journey.

We pay for your return delivery to your door anywhere within Australia and we cover accidental damage in your home and theft from your home. If it is stolen, we can shut the function of the system off remotely, so it stops working immediately.

Not at all, we have all of our forms electronically to make it easy for you to know your rights and obligations.

If you are registered to receive N.D.I.S support, we would provide you with an invoice for submission for the N.D.I.S towards your claim. We have many clients on the N.D.I.S who claim Neurofeedback successfully. We can also provide Introductory and Ongoing reports for a small fee of $100; these help clients get onto the N.D.I.S and fulfill their requirements to remain on the N.D.I.S