General Wellbeing

We are all leading busy and stressful lives. Even ‘working on ourselves’ can become a task in itself that adds to the stress. While you may not identify with having a diagnosable mental heath or brain function challenge; you might still be seeking a bit of a defrag or a clearing of your brain to improve everyday wellbeing. It has been informally calculated that around 8 million Australians seek out ways to increase their general wellbeing through a variety of methods each year.

Having a brain that is a bit off balance may produce the following symptoms:

  • Brain fog
  • Mental fatigue or exhaustion
  • Emotional irritability
  • Reduced Motivation
  • Procrastination

The brain should work like a symphony Orchestra, all the parts have a different purpose and when they perform in harmony, they create a beautiful result. Everyday life can skew out this harmony in subtle ways and it is important to keep up the brain’s maintenance to bring it back into balance.

Our clients use NeurOptimal Neurofeedback to create an environment where they can think clearer for longer, they are not so overwhelmed with emotions and they feel calmer. They have also identified that Neurofeedback is perfect to use in combination with a regular practice of meditation or EFT tapping. Clients who have rented a system love the flexibility it gives them because it allows them to work the sessions into their schedule before or after Float Therapy, Sound or Energy healing or yoga practices; or just as a peaceful start or end to the day.

We are here to support clients along the way to improve their general wellbeing, it is fun and easy to use and their loved ones can try it at home too! We would love to speak to today you about what benefits you could see.

“After each session I experienced a change in my mood and focus. I felt more relaxed and gained sharper focus allowing me to tackle my busy lifestyle with no feelings of stress. Gema is an absolute professional and had so much knowledge in this area. Highly recommend.” N.A