Train your brain at home & bring
calm to your household
using NeurOptimal

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a safe and effective way to assist your brain in seeing where it might be getting stuck or processing information in a non-optimal way. The system we provide works by providing your brain an insight into its function and lets it know, via an interruption to music you are listening to, that it is straying off course. You brain then can make the decision to self-regulate or remain functioning as normal. It is in control.

It is essentially sending your brain to the gym and having a personal trainer tell it where it is going wrong. Over time, if it choses to make small corrections in it’s function, you can end up with a more healthy functioning mind. The results are long lasting, safe and medication free. You can sleep, meditate or be on a device while doing sessions. Unlike the gym, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting; the work is done by the system you just get the benefits!

It is a big priority to us that you feel as comfortable as possible with your Neurofeedback journey so we offer a lot of information here or, alternately, we would love to hear from you on 1300 242 078 or by clicking on the enquiry link below.

What are the benefits?

improved memory

Improved Memory,
Focus & Motivation

As their minds have responded to training, clients have reported that they experience noticeable improvement in their everyday memory and focus allowing them to make the most of work and school. Motivation improves and they see results quicker, increasing confidence.

emotional control


Clients seem to notice that they are not reacting to situations the same as they did previously; they were able to respond better in the moment and not get ‘caught up’ in emotions. If they do feel strong emotions, they are able to calm themselves down quicker and let go sooner.

Increased Self

Neurofeedback is known for helping increase self-awareness. It can evoke a feeling of clarity, allowing the trainee to notice their inner world more & release stuck negative thought patterns. This helps build independence and internal strength, particularly in children.

Typical challenges of our clients

We want you to be completely comfortable. Please click below to find more information.

Who are we and how do we make NeurOptimal rental easy for you?

We are a NeurOptimal Rental System provider based on the Gold Coast who cares about the progress and long-term results of our clients.

Neurofeedback brain training can be a powerful tool to improve everyday brain health & function thus increasing the overall quality of life; so we want it to be easily accessible to anyone who needs it.

Having a neurofeedback machine in home means that you can use it when it suits you, in an environment that you are the most comfortable in and you do not need to fight traffic to get to your appointment or have someone come to your home.

Our client’s love the control they have over their training schedules and enjoy training when they first wake up or to wind down before bed…something you can’t really do using a training provider!

Whether you have used NeurOptimal before or are just discovering it, we recognise that training at home can seem a bit daunting; but trust us, it’s simple so you will feel like an expert after just a few sessions!

In the meantime, we are here 24/7 to make sure you are comfortable while receiving the full benefits of brain training.

We also like to touch base on the phone once a week to help you recognise and track your progress; so it’s the best of both worlds – convenience and one-on-one support.

We would love to speak with you about your needs today.

Pricing & Inclusions

2 Weeks

$ 690

4 Weeks

$ 1120

12 Weeks

$ 2940

All of our neurofeedback rentals come with the following inclusions:

* If an NDIS report is required at the completion of your rental period we charge $100 and please allow 3-5 buisness days for completion.

The Rental Process

Contact Us

We want you to be comfortable so contact us for more individual information. 

Delivery & Setup

We arrange delivery, assist you with the initial setup & cover return postage.


We touch base on a weekly basis to give you support throughout the rental period.

What our clients are saying